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2011 Sweepstakes winners



GRAND PRIZE – $10,000

Kenneth L. Conrad

Schwenksville, PA


 1ST PRIZE – $2,500

Duane E. Sheraw

Tucson, AZ


 2ND PRIZE – $1,000

George R. Gracey

New Cumberland, PA


 3RD PRIZE – $500

Harold E. McCloskey

Jersey Shore, PA


 4TH PRIZE – $250

Joseph M. Kluk, Sr.*

Gilbert, PA


 5TH PRIZE – $250

William L. Kernan

Carnegie, PA  15106


 6TH PRIZE – $250

Gerald M. Knox

Warren, PA


 7TH PRIZE – $250

Edward f. Keyser

Essington, PA  19029


 8TH PRIZE – $200

Gilbert Laverda

West Chester, PA


9TH PRIZE – $200

Peter Krenitsky

Clarks Summit, PA

10TH PRIZE – $200

Stephen N. Dennison

Pittsburgh, PA


11th PRIZE – $200

John E. Conrad

New Cumberland, PA


12TH PRIZE – $200

Nicholas Popchuk

Philadelphia, PA


13TH PRIZE – $200

Robert Faione

Newtown Square, PA


14TH PRIZE – $200

Clarence H. Fletcher

Zelienople, PA


15TH PRIZE – $200

William A. Savidge

Millersburg, PA 

16TH PRIZE – $200

John W. Borland

Philadelphia, PA


17TH PRIZE – $200

Joseph Sewitsky

Jessup, PA


*Received a $250 bonus for being in attendance.


One Response to “2011 Sweepstakes winners”
  1. Leonard N Young says:

    I don’t get it: I received a solicitation in the mail on 12-9-11 for the 2011 sweepstakes. On your website, the winners of the sweepstakes are posted from 8-4-11. What gives?

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