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Scouting Builds Character

Based on the principle of duty to God and country, the Scouting program is for all youth, ages 6 through 21, regardless of ethnic background, creed, or physical or mental ability. In cooperation with organizations like the Pennsylvania American Legion, Scouting offers a way for you and other dedicated volunteers of your Post and community to bring fun, adventure, and leadership skills to young people. Scouting provides effective character building, citizenship training, and personal fitness opportunities for youth.

At the first National Convention of the American Legion, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1919, the Legion voted approval and support to the Scouting movement. Post began to sponsor Scout units immediately following that convention. Scouting was included in the activities of the Americanism Commission in 1922. Approximately 2,500 American Legion Posts, Auxiliary Units, and SAL Squadrons charter Scout units that serve more than 77,000 young men and women.

Boy Scouting encourages boys to develop physical, mental and emotional fitness and to adopt the live by meaningful personal standards as a cornerstone for success in life. The values include the basic principles in the Scout Oath and Law.

Scouting Brochure

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