Department Convention day 2

The second day of convention was just as successful as the first. Bruce Foster, Department Service Officer, gave an overview of our Service Officer programs.  The It’s a Good Thing You Do Eastern Section went to Kenneth “Woody” Atwood from Post 840 Latin American from the 1st District in Philadelphia PA, Central Section went to Post 340 James G. Zimmerman from the 18th District in Duncannon PA, and the Western Section went to Betty Calhoun from Post 995 Dayton Memorial District 27 in Dayton PA.

Frank Abate the Scouting Committee Chairman awarded the 2017 Eagle Scout of the Year to Andrew P. Adam from Mechanicsburg, PA and the Legionnaire Scouter of the Year Paul Cullinane, Jr. from Post 46 in Chambersburg PA.

The Law & Order Committee Chairman Larry Maggi awarded the Firefighter of the Year to Edward A. Povirk from Cecil PA and the Law Enforcement Officer of the year to Andrew J. Callaghan from Philadelphia PA.  There was also a special acknowledgement of law Officer killed in the Line of Duty for Scott l. Bashioum from Washington PA.

The Candidate for National Commander of the American Legion Brett P. Reistad addressed the delegates of the 99th Department Convention.  Immediately after that, the Post Commanders and Adjutants of the Year were awarded to each district.  The Top Recruiter of the Year went to Stacy Spizziri from Post 933 from the 9th District.

Pictures from the day are viewed below.