Legion family members;

As of today we are 1,693 members ahead of last year. This is a first for quite a few years!

Contributing to this increase is to some degree credited to the “Legion Act”, the increase of advertising on channels like HGTV, and the internet ads that are on MSN and possibly others. But, we believe this increase is mainly due to the current DEC members and their staffs! Our District Commanders, Section Vice Commanders, membership committee and all “Legion Family” members that are working to make our 100% this year! We applaud your great efforts and ask you to keep up the good work!

As everyone knows, membership renewals are a tough road after the 1st of the year! We have 35 days till Christmas! We have the opportunity to be the first 100% Pennsylvania American Legion membership in far too long! Oh behalf of our Department Commander, Robert John, we are asking all legion family members to assist your Post, District, Section and our Department in working “our” membership!

Yours in comradeship,
Kit Watson, Department Adjutant