February 27, 2021

Update from your department


We have been waiting for word from York College whether or not they will host our State Police Youth Week camp in June 2021.  On Wednesday we finally received notification from the college that they will not be allowing any residential camps to take place during the summer of 2021.  This means that the State Police Youth Week camp must be canceled again this year.  Please pass the word to all those who may be interested. We are saddened but understand it is in the best interest of all.



Scouting due March 1. Applications below received as of today 02/26. Please keep in mind the mail system has been slow. We have gotten some calls about receiving them. Please know that you can also find these award applications as well as many other on our website, www.pa-legion.com.

Outstanding Scouts USA Unit Award – 1 Application

Outstanding Cub Scout Unit Award – 2 Applications

Outstanding Venture Unit, Explorer Unit or Sea Scout Honor Unit – 0 Applications

Cub Scout of Year – 1 Application

Dept. of PA Scouter of the Year – 1 Application

Legionnaire Scouter of the Year – 2 Applications

Wood Badge Scholarship – 1 Application

Eagle Scout of the Year – 2 Applications




The April DEC will be held on April 17th at the Red Lion Hotel by invitation only. The 45 day deadline to have resolutions submitted is on March 2nd. Please ensure if you have a resolution to submit to get it in before the deadline.


The Oratorical Finals will be held on March 13th at Post 594 at 10 AM. With COVID restrictions, we are not allowing guests. However, the contest will be live streamed on YouTube.  More information will be on our website.



The Post Data Reports were mailed earlier this week. Please keep an eye out for it. If your post does not receive theirs by mid-March, contact us to obtain a replacement. Only contact us if not received by date above. Please remember the mail system has been slow and patience is required. These reports are essential to not only Department but also National. This report lists your post dues as well as other helpful information about your post. It is imperative you return the form even if there are no changes. The deadline to return is April 15, 2021.



This year, Washington Conference will be conducted virtually. All commission meeting information, documents, and associated virtual events can be found at www.legion.org/washingtonconference. Please use the link for more information.


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