The Keystone News is the Pennsylvania American Legion official newsletter.  It get mailed four times a year.  The first issue covers February, March and April of each year.  The next issue covers May, June, and July.  The third installment covers August, September, and October.  Finally the last issue of the year covers November, December and January.  This way you get your news right after important Department meetings, DEC and the yearly convention.  The DECs are January, April, July and September.

We also want you to submit news for the Keystone News.  Let us know what you’re doing in your community, the American Legion programs that you work, the people that you influence, the people that influence you.  We want to know.  This is your newspaper. 

To submit articles for the Keystone News email Shannon Kyle with your article.  If you’re not able to write a complete article at lease include the who, what, where, when, why and how.  Include costs, people involved, people affected, the end result and what ever makes your story special.  We also request a clear picture.  If there is people in the picture, please list the people in the picture from left to right with their names and titles.

The 2019 January, March, April

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The Keystone News offers you news about current veterans affairs. The Keystone News tells you what is happening at the National and Department American Legion Headquarters. The Keystone News highlights Posts throughout Pennsylvania with their events and programs. The Keystone News lists Membership Standings and the programs we offer. The Keystone News is your Department newsletter.

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