Notice of New Department Assistant Adjutant


woody hoganAt The American Legion, Department of Pennsylvania’s 99th annual convention held this past year, the PA American Legion amended its Constitution and Bylaws to provide for a Department Assistant Adjutant position.

Notice of the job opening was posted via several means of correspondence including post mailings, the Keystone News and emails notifications.  Interviews were held and we are pleased to announce that the position of Department Assistant Adjutant has been filled.

James “Woody” Hogan will join the Department staff beginning February 12th.  Mr. Hogan served honorably with the 101st Airborne Division.  He is a member of American Legion WWI Memorial Post 109 and served as its Commander from 1996 – 1998.  He was Post Commander of the Year in 1996 and Post Adjutant of the Year in 2001.  He was the Cumberland County Blue Cap of the Year in 2011.  He was the 19th District Adjutant for 12 years prior to becoming District Commander from 2015 – 2017.  He served as Aide to Department Commanders Wasco, Cocco and Haas and as Department Historian for Department Commander Cleveland.  He is a graduate of the 2017 National Legion College.

Assistant Adjutant Hogan will report to and assist Department Adjutant Kit Watson.  Kit Watson has been Department Adjutant since 2001, bringing a wealth of historical knowledge and applied expertise to his position and the Department and we look forward to his continued commitment and service as the Department Adjutant.  Please note that all Legion issues should still be directed to Adjutant Watson for resolution.  Department can be reached at 717-730-9100.

Please welcome Department Assistant Adjutant Woody Hogan to Department Headquarters and we look forward to his contribution to the great teamwork that all of our staff strives to provide for the Pennsylvania American Legion.