Jr. Shooting SportsWhat is The American Legion Junior Shooting Sports Program?

It’s a three part program that combines the Basic Marksmanship course. Qualification Awards, and Air Rifle Competition. During the years of this program’s continued fast growth, thousands of male and female junior shooters have participated. Members of The American Legion Junior Shooting sports Program can be of any gender, through the age of 18. Handicapped youth are encouraged to participate.


What is Shooting?

Shooting is a skill sport

Skills learned in shooting are valuable in other aspects of life. Learning to be a safe shooter teaches responsibility. Learning to hit a difficult target teaches self-discipline and self-control. Learning to hold a firearm steady and hit the target teaches concentration. Knowing that the shooter alone is ultimately responsible for his or her performance teaches self-reliance and enhances individual esteem.

Shooting is a participation sport

No one has to sit on the sidelines and watch; everyone can take part. this active involvement is important because sports are fun when young people can participate personally instead of watching others. Persons with physical disabilities also can take part in shooting, often right alongside other shooters in matches.

Shooting is an Olympic sport

The summer Olympics have rifle, pistol, running game target and shotgun shooting events. The winter Olympics have a biathlon event that combines cross-county skiing and shooting. Shooting is the third most popular Olympic sport. Only two sports – track and boxing – regularly have more participating nations.

Shooting is a safe sport

Injuries are so rare in target shooting. Shooting is safe because it has a strict code of safety that all shooters follow. Like water safety training, the firearm safety training associated with a shooting activity is of lasting value, even if the young people don’t develop an ongoing interest in the shooting sports.

Shooting is a lifetime sport

Persons of all ages participate successfully in shooting. Children as young as eight or nine can learn to shoot using BB guns and lightweight air rifles.

Shooting is an exciting sport

There’s a special thrill in being able to hit a target the shooter isn’t sure can be hit. It is fun to see shooters’ abilities improve. the challenges of preparing shooters to compete against other shooters throughout the state and nation makes every practice session an exciting event.

Shooting is a sport for girls and boys

Boys and girls compete equally in shooting. Recent national junior championships and The American Legion Junior Air Rifle National Championships have been won both by girls and boys.

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To participate or to find out additional information contact Department Headquarters at 717-730-9100