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  1. The Auxiliary is seperately chartered and is a separate entity. If the Post ceases to hold a charter the Auxiliary could continue to exist. However most Posts do work together with their Auxiliaries and SAL’s on post functions. If a Post allows the Auxiliary or the SAL to conduct an event to raise money the agreement needs to be committed to the minutes to assure if this event is for instance an ongoing event that could or would carry over to future post administrations. The problems we have encountered are where there is no agreement and several years later there are all new players who all have different interpolations of what should be. To keep harmony between all entitles an agreement should always be made with all involved parties in agreement. The bottom line is the final say does rest with the Post.
  2. The SAL is a program of the post and the post votes to form a SAL Squadron in their post and the post can also revoke the SAL Squadron as well. The Post should have a regular ember attend every SAL Squadron meeting as an advisor and should be the liaison between the Post and their SAL Squadron. All actions of the Post SAL Squadron must be approved by the Post at a regular meeting of its members. If a post turns in its charter the SAL of that post would cease to exist.

Any person who handles posts funds should be bonded including but not limited to the Finance Officer, Club Steward or manager. This bonding may be accomplished by contacting your Post’s insurance carrier.

Regulations, procedures, and prices for obtaining blank ammunition surplus rifles, and other Military equipment available for donation is subject to change without notice. The Department of the Army has made major changes. Be advised all requests for surplus military equipment must first go through the Washington Office to verify the legitimacy of the Post making the request. The Washington Office is only authorized to handle requests from chartered American Legion Posts in good standing. Once verification has been made, the Washington Office to the appropriate agencies for processing sends requests. When requests are made to Congressional offices or other military Departments, without the proper verification and endorsement, the acquisition process is greatly slowed down. Separate letters must be sent for each type of equipment being requested. If both rifles and ammunition are needed, separate letters must be sent for each type of equipment being requested. If both rifles and ammunition are needed, separate requests should be forwarded to the Washington Office as two different agencies, Rock Island, IL and Warren, MI will be handling the items. This is a change from past handling procedures. Requests are to be made on Post letterhead and contain the following: Post name and number Address (not a P.O Box number) Telephone number of members in the Post (another new change) Post Commander or Adjutant must sign request. These are requirements set forth in new policies and procedures established by the Army. Any correspondence lacking any of these items will be returned to the Post causing a delay in processing. Posts are reminded equipment donated by the Department of the Army to American Legion Posts remain the property of the United States Army. Transfer of any equipment obtained through the Surplus Program is unauthorized without the written permission of the United States Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM). Posts receiving surplus equipment, rifles, static display items, etc. can expect periodic inspections to assure accuracy of information provided by the Donor and compliance with the terms of this Conditional Deed of Gift, proper storage and handling, etc. This program is to be at no cost to the government and even though Posts have paid for handling, shipping, packaging, crating, etc., the items are really just on loan from the Department of the Army. NOTE: THE ABOVE ANSWERS, ALONG WITH OTHER PERTINENT INFORMATION, CAN BE FOUND IN YOUR OFFICER’S GUIDE & MANUAL OF CEREMONIES.

Under the provisions of Public Law 1028, Title 10 United States Code (USC) 4683, the Secretary of the Army, under regulations prescribed, may conditionally lend or donate excess M-1 rifles (not more than 15), slings, and cartridge belts to any eligible organization for use by that organization for funeral ceremonies of a member of former member of the armed forces, and for other ceremonial purposes. The American Legion is only authorized to handle requests from chartered Legion Posts in good standing. The Army Donations Program office at Warren, MI is responsible for issuing and management of rifles for ceremonial use. Title 10, USC 4683 allows conditions to be imposed on the use of the rifles as may be necessary to ensure security, safety, and accountability. The Secretary may impose such other conditions as considered appropriate.

An American Legion Post wishing to obtain rifles for ceremonial use should forward its request through the Washington Office of The American Legion. The request should be on Post letterhead with an address, not a P.O. Box number, a telephone number, a contact person, the # of active organization members, and should be signed by the Post Commander or Adjutant. State the number of rifles desired up to a maximum of 15. Failure to include any of these requirements will cause the letter of request to be returned to the Post. The request is endorsed stating that the Post is chartered and in good standing and eligible to participate in the ceremonial rifle program. It is forwarded to Headquarters, US Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command, Attn: AMSTA-LC-LSDD, M/S: 419, 6501 East 11 Mile Road, Warren, MI 48397-5000. An e-mail address is:

The command may be reached by calling 1-800-325-2920, ext. 48469 or 45371 or visit their website at: E-mail or fax requests cannot be processed, as the signed original must be forwarded. Once TACOM receives the endorsed request, forwarded by the Washington Office, processing will begin and an eligibility package will be sent to the Post. This package will include the checklist and forms required for completion by the Post Commander or Adjutant. Return the original forms to TACOM. The sooner the forms are completed and returned, the quicker the request will be filled and rifles sent to the Post. Presently it takes approximately ninety days for rifles to be shipped after receipt of the eligibility requirements from the Post. The American Legion National Headquarters has no forms to send to Posts. The only thing done by the Legion is to verify on the request the Post is eligible. Currently, surplus MI Garand rifles are available for ceremonial use on a conditional basis. These rifles are shipped from Springfield, Inc. located in Geneseo, Illinois. Ceremonial rifles remain the property of the United States Government. The rifles cannot be loaned, sold, transferred, or given to anyone else without the written approval of the Army Donations Program office. If for any reason the Post no longer requires the use of the conditionally loaned rifles, submit a written request to the US Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command, 6501 East 11 Mile Rd., Attn: AMSTA-LC-LSDD, M/S:419, Warren, MI 48397-5000. The Post is provided with shipping instructions for defective or unserviceable rifles. NEVER return any weapons to TACOM. Transportation for the return of the rifles is at the expense of the Post. After the rifles are returned, provide a copy of the receipt to TACOM for validation of the return. In turn, they will send a letter to absolve the Post of the responsibility for the returned rifles. If rifles are no longer in the possession of the Post, it is a requirement to state what happened to them. If the rifles were lost or stolen prior to 1980, a notarized statement signed by the Commander describing the circumstances surrounding their loss and the action(s) taken to recover the rifles is acceptable. For rifles lost, stolen, damaged, etc., after 1980, a police and/or fire Department report is required. Send this information to TACOM for review. After review, a determination is made as to the liability for the missing/lost/stolen rifles. The Post will be notified if reimbursement costs are required. A triennial inventory is required once every three years from the date of issue. Care and maintenance of the conditionally loaned rifles is the responsibility of the Post. Slings are not provided through the Donations Program Group Office. The Post may order from Amherst Arms or Fulton Armory: Amherst Arms, PO Box 1457, Englewood, FL 34295. Their telephone number is: 1-941-475-2020. The address for Fulton Armory is: 8725 Bollman Place # 1, Savage, MD 20763. Their telephone number is: 1-800-878-9485.

American Legion Posts needing blank ammunition for ceremonial purposes can be assured of the best possible service on requests, if they comply with the following instructions:

  1. Direct a letter of request on Post letterhead with an address (not a P.O. Box number) and a telephone number to Executive Director, Washington Office, American Legion National Headquarters, 1608 K Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20006.
  2. Ammunition is now provided free of charge. Please do not send any checks or money orders.
  3. It is preferred the ammunition be shipped to a residence of an officer and not to the post. Provide a home delivery address in your written request along with a phone number for that residence.
  4. At the present time, the only storage facility handling blank ammunition is in Missouri; orders will be shipped from there. You should receive a letter indicating your order has been processed along with a tentative ship out date. Orders are usually received within 5 working days after shipment. Federal Express will not call you to let you know they are on the way to deliver. A signature is required upon delivery. No orders should be left at the door without a signature.
  5. Upon receipt of the above information from a Post, the Legion’s Washington Office will place an endorsement on the request stating it is a chartered Post in good standing and eligible to participate in the Veterans’ Program. The request, with endorsement, will be forwarded to Rock Island, IL for processing. No further correspondence should be necessary. Presently, it cannot be estimated how long it will take for ammunition requests to be filled. Requests will be handled in turn as to when received and when ammunition is available. Do not put multiple requests (ammunition, rifles, static display equipment) in the same letter, as each request must be sent to a different agency. You can request clips through Rock Island, IL with your ammo request. State this in your request. Clips are provided free of charge.

FACT SHEET Issue of Cartridge Caliber .30 Blank and Clips NOTE: Only authorized organizations that have been issued weapons through the Ceremonial Rifle Program at the US Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command in Warren, MI are authorized to order and receive blank ammunition and/or clips. If you have privately owned weapons or borrow weapons from another organization, your organization is not eligible to receive blank ammunition and/or clips through this program. For authorized organizations, forms are sent to the following officer’s residential address. The use of ammunition obtained from sources other than the Joint Munitions Command is prohibited as it may result in damage to the rifle. More importantly, it could cause harm or serious injury to the user. NOTE: This office will only respond to requests for Caliber .30 blank ammunition or clips from an officer of the organization, either the Commander or Adjutant.

Your request for forms to order blank ammunition and/or clips can be by letter, fax, phone call, or email. Request for forms must provide home mailing address, phone number of officer, post number, and city/state where the post is located. Forms are sent to the residence of the officer and not to the post. A new form needs to be requested each time you need to order blank ammunition and/or clips.

Address your request for issue of AMSJM Form 725-2 to: Commander Joint Munitions Command POC: Dawn Folland ATTN: AMSJM-CDS Email: 1 Rock Island Arsenal Rock Island, IL 61299-6000 (309) 782-4608 or Toll Free 877-233-2515 Fax: (309) 782-7292 or (309) 782-1776

Prefer to ship ammunition to the residence of an officer, not to the post.

Ammunition is sent 1,240 rounds (2 metal cans in a wooden box).

Quantity is limited to 2 boxes (2,480 rounds) of ammunition.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY/CHECKS. AMMUNITION AND CLIPS ARE PROVIDED FREE OF CHARGE (NO SHIPPING AND HANDLING). ALL CHECKS/MONEY WILL BE RETURNED. Allow 6-8 weeks delivery after Rock Island receives and processes your order. All ammunition will be shipped via Federal Express (FEDEX) from Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, Independence, MO. Normal FEDEX delivery will be Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. An officer signature is required.[

Home Associations

Article XI – Home Associations Section 4: Every Legionnaire in good standing of this Post shall be a voting member in good standing of any Home Association and every Application for Membership in this Post shall also be an application for membership as a voting member in said Home Association. Any individual eligible for membership in this Post may not apply for membership in the Home Association other than membership in conjunction with membership in this Post.

No. Under the Standardized Post By-Laws which all posts are required to operate under ARTICLE XI – HOME ASSOCIATIONS Section 3: Any Home Association may have different classes of members. However only those members who are Legionnaires in good standing of this Post may have voting rights or hold a position as Director, Executive Committeeman, or other officer therein.

No. Any member in good standing may run for any office in our American Legion regardless of how long he or she has been a member or how many meeting they have attended. It should be pointed out there is mention in Article VII Section 2 that Individual nominees for the office of the Post commander, Vice Commander, Post Finance Officer, Adjutant or at large Executive Committeeman should have been a member of the Post for at least twenty-four (24) months or have attended Legion College or Legion College extension prior to the June meeting at which the election will be conducted. The key word here is should. It does not say “must”.