It’s a Good Thing You Do Award 2018

Post Adj of the Year Award 2018

Post Commander of the Year Award 2018

Membership (Legion/Sal/Riders)

Membership data form

Membership cost-cards (as of 1/21/2016)

Riders Membership Form

IRS DD214 Form

Uncle Sam Family Poster

Lady Liberty Family Poster

Emblem Family Poster

SAL Uncle Sam Poster

LEGION Officers Card 2018

SAL Officer Card 2018

RIDERS Officer Card 2018

LEGION Convention Delegate Form 2017

SAL Convention Delegates Form 2017

RIDERS Convention Delegates Form 2017

Consolidated Post Report 2016-2017

Post/Squad Cmdr & Adj Notification Form 2018

Small Games of Chance

HB 290

HB 1098

SGOC_overview (PA Dept. of Revenue)

IRS Gaming Publication (Rev.6-2010)

License Plates

Legion Plate Form (PennDot)

Sal Plate Form (PennDot)

Veterans Plate Form (PennDot)

Honoring our Veterans Plate Form (PennDot)


Poppy Order Form

Emblem Usage Form

Funeral Cards

2017 Sweepstakes Winners


Dist. Officers Report Form 2017

Dist Delegates for Natl Conv 2017

Dist Alternates for Natl Conv 2017

Dist Cmdr Report Form 2017

Dist Chairmen Appt Form 2017

Dept Officer Recommendation Form 2017

County Cmdr & Adj Form 2017

Comm Chair & VC Recommendations 2017



100th Anniversary Celebration

Parade Registration

Military Display Application

Food Vendor Application – form coming soon

Corporate Display – form coming soon

Commercial Vendor – form coming soon


Sr Golf Tournament 2018

Bowling Tourn. Entry Form 2018

Bowling Tourn. Rules 2018

Bowling Tourn. Flyer 2018

Baseball Booster Form 2018


Americanism fillable form 2018

Blood Donor

Blood Donor fillable form 2018

Children & Youth

Children and Youth fillable form 2018

Educator of the Year award 2018

Community Service

Community Service fillable form 2018

Essay Contest

2018 Essay Brochure for Grades 9-12

2018 Essay Brochure for Grades 6-8


January DEC tickets and ads form 2018

Veterans Grant Program

Hospital Entertainment

Hospital Volunteer of the Year 2018

Norman Streicher Award 2018

Samuel Naples Award 2018

Keystone Boys State

Keystone Boys State Program Briefing – PDF

Keystone Boys State Brochure 2018

Please note both pages will need to be completed

Keystone Boys State Application page 1 2018

Keystone Boys State Application page 2 2018

Law & Order

State Police Youth Week Brochure 2018

State Police Youth Week Application 2018

Firefighter of the Year Award 2018

Law & Order Award 2018

Law Officer of the Year Award 2018


2018 Oratorical Brochure/Application

2018 Oratorical Rules Brochure

2018 Assigned Topics

Post Home

Post Home Award 2018

Public Relations

Blue Cap of the Year Award 2018

Media Award 2018

PR Volunteer Award 2018

Post PR Award 2018

Religion Emphasis

Chaplain of the Year 2018


Almo Sebastianelli Scholarship Application 2018

Trace Scholarship Application 2018

Gavenonis Scholarship 2018 (attending 4yr program)

Valemont Scholarship 2018 (attending 2yr program)


Eagle Scout of the Year 2018

Legionnaire Scouter of the Year 2018

Outstanding Boy Scout Troop of the Year 2018

Outstanding Cub Scout Pack of the Year 2018

Scouter of the Year 2018

Outstanding Varsity or Explorer Unit of the Year 2018

Cub Scout of the Year 2018

Wood-Badge-Scholarship 2018

Legion Scouting Brochure

Square knot update

VA & R (Due to Dept. by 12/31/17)

Employer of Veterans Award

Homeless Veterans Outreach Award

Older Workers Application Award

Disabled Workers Application Award

Employment Service Local Office

Employment Service LVER or DVOP

Meeting and Events Forms

2018 DEC Hotel Reservation

Buy a Brick ends 1/31/2018

2018 National Cmdr Tour-East

2018 National Cmdr Tour-Central

2018 National Cmdr Tour-West

Dept Cmdr Dinner

Central Vice Cmdr Dinner