Riding Vest Patch Placement

We take great honor in wearing The American Legion Riders vest.  Therefore there are specific rules and regulations on wearing the ALR vest and how to place the patches.  For more specific guidelines please contact your Chapter President.

Front of Vest

  1. The American Flag shall be the highest patch on the left front of the vest.
  2. The POW patch shall be on either side of the front of the vest.
  3. The ALR patch shall be on either side of the front of the vest
  4. The rocker shall be placed ¼” below the ALR patch. Try to keep these patches above any seams.
  5. The rest of the front of the vest can be used for other patches, although no motorcycle club or vulgar patches can be anywhere on the vest.

Back of Vest

  1. Top of the large ALR back patch is to be at the center of the arm holes or if there is a seam the top of the patch shall be at the seam.
  2. The rocker shall be below the large patch with a gap of ¼” between patch and rocker.
  3. There shall be no other patches on the back of the vest. The intention is to create uniformity with the Department of Pennsylvania Riders.
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