Round Up

The Flag Day / Round Up Ceremony is always held at Department Headquarters.  It is a great day to celebrate our nation’s Flag.  Round Up gives all of our members a chance to come to headquarters and spend the day in thoughtful reflection, paying respect and enjoying comradeship.  We hold a ceremony in the front of the building paying respect to the military men and women from Pennsylvania who have paid the ultimate sacrifice that year.  The ceremony continues with great guest speakers who inspire us to work for our fellow veterans.  The program ends with a reading of membership placements for our districts.  Then the picnic begins when the department headquarter staff is there with snow cones, pop, water, beer and popcorn for the American Legion family and invited guests.  Make plans to attend Round Up!

Round Up Information

The annual Round Up is the day we celebrate Flag Day.  It will be held on June 14, 2020 at Department Headquarters.  We take time to honor the servicemen and women, from Pennsylvania, who have given the ultimate sacrifice.  Department hosts a great service with guest speakers and honored traditions.

After the service, we have a Chili Cook-Off that you can compete in.  Staying after is a great opportunity to celebrate the Legion Family, eat hot dogs and snow cones, and enjoy the camaraderie of your Legion Family.


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