New Post/Post Home

Are you working to improve your Post Home?  Are you creating a New Post? Then submit your hard work into Department and your post could be selected as a yearly winner.

Include a short narrative explaining your decision to build, rebuild or remodel.  Indicate who did the work, the costs incurred and pertinent details of work. Of course the committee will need pictures of the before and after.  And show those pictures proud in a scrapbook or album.

Why do we want to award those who work on their post building?  For many reasons:

  • Being a good neighbor
  • Taking pride in our post, community and ourselves
  • Attracting new members
  • Maintaining upkeep for years to come
  • Making your post look, feel and run with modern technology and appearance

Any applications/forms for this program can be found on the forms page.

Contact Information

New Post/Post Home Committee
 Serena Scott
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