Veteran Affairs and Rehabilitation Program

The Pennsylvania American Legion has always been a leading advocate for health care and earned benefits for America’s veterans.  We aggressively lobby for adequate funding of the Veterans Health Administration, to provide timely access to quality health care.  Additionally, the Legion seeks to ensure fair rulings on claims and other earned veterans benefits for those who have service connected injuries and illnesses.

The goal of the VA&R Committee is to plan and suggest policy on all VA health care, benefits and other issues concerning veterans to the Department Executive Committee members of the Pennsylvania American Legion.

The volunteers going into the veteran hospitals are the most important aspect of VA&R since it involves veterans helping veterans.  Overall across the nation, Legionnaires log more than 1 million hours each year volunteering at VA hospitals and in the community.

The VA&R Committee offers a number of employer awards.   The employment awards were established to recognize outstanding businesses hire outstanding veterans.  These awards benefit everyone involved. They bring recognition to outstanding employers and job service personnel, they help expand employment opportunities for veterans and they bring favorable publicity for The Pennsylvania American Legion and its posts.

Any applications/forms for this program can be found on the forms page.

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VA&R Committee
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