Religious Emphasis Program


The American Legion, pledged to service “For god and Country,” has continuously emphasized the spiritual foundations of our Freedom.

To preserve this Freedom, we must continue to hold before the American people the spiritual foundations of our Country. We must reaffirm our faith in Almighty god and constantly rekindle that spirit of humble reliance on Divine Guidance which inspired the founders of our Country. It behooves us as a Nation to arm our people in time of peril with the ageless weapons of moral and spiritual might and to uphold and preserve, unimpaired, the spiritual heritage of America.

The Providence of God was ever in the mind of those who laid the foundation of our Nation. Our Nation’s security was not placed in any one individual, in classes of people or mortal plans, but was based on trust in god and in the individual responsibility of a free people to God and to all citizens. the Founders of The American Legion knew that God and country must go together, if our Country would remain great and permanent. Such is still the concept of those who guide the destiny of our organization.

A spiritual emphasis, under one name or another, has long been a part of The American Legion activities.

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Religious Emphasis Committee
 Richard E. Denison
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