What is a resolution?

A resolution is a description of a problem or situation that is then followed by a suggestion as to how to correct that problem. It might also be a statement or declaration as to the policy of a certain matter in which The American Legion believes. It consists of two parts: the preamble (description of the problem) and the resolving clause (how the local post or even the national organization should solve the problem or support the issue). The entire resolution should be one long, continuous sentence with the preamble clause(s) first and the resolve clause(s) second.

Resolutions approved since the 100th Department Convention

Resolution No 1137
Assist our nation's deceased military veteran families with the appropriate disposition of their loved ones military effects and to establish this program at the soonest appropriate time

Resolution No 1136
Provision of the “medical benefits package”, care referred to in the “medical benefits package” will be provided to individuals only if it is determined by appropriate health care professionals that the care is needed to promote, preserve, or restore the health of the individual and is in accord with generally accepted standards of medical practice

Resolution No 1135
Extending the deadline to use 100% of Small Games of Chance proceeds to match the reporting period will give these vital service organizations more time to recover and keep their doors open to remain an integral part of our communities, and alleviate stress, confusion, and potential errors for their administrators, and Department of Revenue workers, and avoid creating extra work load for the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement

Resolution No 1133
Designating a State Funeral for the last remaining World War II Medal of Honor recipient would serve to unite the American people to provide national recognition to honor all 16 million American men and women who served in our armed forces from 1941 to 1945

Resolution No 1132
The last Bonus paid by the Commonwealth was for veterans who served during Gulf War 1 for the armed campaign in 1990-1991

Resolution No 1131
The Veterans’ Administration has often failed to notify the client, either via text, phone or email message, when the appointment has been cancelled or rescheduled

Resolution No 1127
The Vice Commanders and District Commanders are presented awards throughout the year and annually at the Department Convention based on membership classifications

Resolution No 1126
Awards are presented by the Department based on Posts membership classification for committees such as Americanism, Community Service, Children & Youth, etc. at the Annual Department Convention

Resolution No. 1125

The deliberate exclusion of proper representation of these federally chartered Veterans Service Organizations from the Advisory Committee established by Senate Resolution 170 of 2019 shows an avarice and a negative bias towards these honorable organizations, and a willful exclusion of their testimonies, and aversion to an honest conversation about improving access to Veterans Services for Pennsylvania's nearly 800,000 Veterans

Resolution No 1124
It is recommended that The American Legion’s state, territorial and post organizations have their own protective insurance coverage

Resolution No 1123
The Pennsylvania Property Tax Exemption Program for Disabled Veterans provides real estate tax exemption for any honorably discharged veteran who has a total or 100% permanent service-connected disability rating by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Resolution No 102-6
The Department of France Service Officer program, serving veterans in Belgium, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Thailand has been a long time partner with the Department of Pennsylvania Service Officer program, to service veterans assisted by the Department of France

Resolution No 102-4
Legislation that will add the Department of Health to this list of Commonwealth agencies required to strongly consider a Veteran’s military education, training and experience for the purpose of fulfilling requirements for professional credentials

Resolution No 102-3
Schools rely on ACE to review various types of military training and experience and recommend how to translate them into academic credits; however, as with transfers, each school makes the final decision on how much credit, if any, to award, and schools choose whether or not to accept the recommendations made by ACE

Resolution No 102-2
SGB has been shown to reduce PTSD symptoms without prolonged use of medications or cognitive therapy

Resolution No 102-1
Pennsylvania State Representative Greg Rothman has introduced a Resolution to beseech the Secretary of the Navy designating Philadelphia and portions of the Delaware River as the site of the main celebration of the 250th birthdays of the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps

Resolution No 1119
The duration of the disease known as Coronavirus (COVID-19), the numerous government regulations being enforced to contain it and concern for the safety of all members of the American Legion Family, the Pennsylvania American Legion Department Executive Committee (DEC) agrees that present circumstances constitute sufficient reasons to cancel the 2020 American Legion Department Convention

Resolution No 1116
Approve a budget line item for the WVC for the purpose of fundraising to create outreach programs and events to increase women veteran membership within The American Legion

Resolution No 1115
When necessary the District Commander with a vote of two thirds (2/3) of the presiding board to consist of Post Members, Department and District Officers present at a revitalization meeting temporarily suspend any member of a post's elected or appointed officers and appoint a temporary replacement

Resolution No 1114
Support for any legislation that expands accessibility to Veterans Treatment Courts throughout the Commonwealth

Resolution No 1113
Call upon the Commonwealth General Assembly to enact legislation mandating that all Pennsylvania County Coroners/Medical Examiners shall complete a standardized questionnaire in all death determined to be suicide

Resolution No 1111
Awarding a citation plaque, retroactively back to 2019, to Department VA Physician and VA Health Care Worker of the year and all future finalists

Resolution No 1110
Supports the Veterans Administration in establishing a VA facilities tobacco policy that reduces tobacco use while addressing The American Legion's concerns for the veterans who are addicted to tobacco use and who rely on the VA facilities for their medical and psychological care

Resolution No 1109
Change the name of the Pennsylvania State Police Youth Week to the Pennsylvania American Legion, State Police, national Guard Youth Camp

Resolution No 1108
Endorse Joseph V. Glazier as a candidate for the high office of National Commander of The American Legion

Resolution No 1103
Supports efforts to eliminate employment barriers that impede the successful and timely transfer of military job skills to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania civilian labor market

Resolution No 1102 
Support the construction of a seventh State Veterans Home in south central Pennsylvania

Resolution No 1100
Approves the Department Commander to appoint a committee to draw up rules and regulations to form The Husbands of American Legion (HAL)



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