State Police Youth Week Program

State Police Youth Week Program

Elmer Hafer - American Legion - State Police - National Guard Youth Camp is sponsored by The American Legion Department of Pennsylvania and The Pennsylvania State Police.

Program overview:

Cadets participate in a wide variety of instructional sessions with Local, State Police and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.  You will learn how to work as a team and be taught self-esteem, as you will be the future Leaders of our state and nation.  There will be classes in Pennsylvania Vehicle and Crime Codes, forensic sciences, radar, riot control, tactical drug operation through the use of specially trained dogs, weapon firing, and other police related skills.  Recreational activities will be scheduled as time permits.  This is a six-day camp used to introduce students in all procedures of law enforcement.  Cadets march to their classes in platoon formation and have drill competition.  You should be physically fit and have a good academic record to be able to participate.  This is not a recreational camp.


Cadets, female or male student who has turned 15 yrs old by the start of camp & has not turned 18 years old by the end of camp. The Post or District Commander, or his/her representative will interview each cadet nominated to select candidates, and their alternates.  Cadets must be in good health, with no physical defects, and have an average or above standing in their class and of course express a personal interest in either law enforcement or military service.


Fee of $175 includes meals, water bottle, ball cap and (3) t-shirts.  This is paid by the sponsoring American Legion Post/Unit or other civic group.

This fee is non-refundable.

Any applications/forms for this program can be found on the forms page under the Law & Order heading.

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State Police Youth Week
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