Americanism Program

What is Americanism?

It is an unfailing love of Country, loyalty to its institutions and ideals, eagerness to defend it against all enemies, individual allegiance to the Flag; and a desire to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

Pennsylvania American Legion Americanism Objectives

  • To promote an understanding of the principles of democratic government, develop an interest in governmental problems, and bring more citizens to accept the duties of citizenship.
  • To give sound, practical service tin our communities, working to make them better and safer places in which to live.
  • To emphasize the importance of religion and encouraging the practice of religion in the life of every citizen and their families.
  • To encourage education in every way by resenting school awards, conducting the national Oratorical Contests and State Essay Contests and by working with educational and citizenship groups.
  • To promote proper flag etiquette and display, especially for the appropriate observation of our national holidays.
  • To support youth development by sponsoring American Legion Baseball and other athletic programs, the National High School Oratorical Contest, boys State and boys Nation, the boy Scout of America, shooting sports and other youth development programs.
  • To work for the assimilation of aliens through schools of citizenship and other agencies. to stand for the restriction of immigration so that this assimilation may approach perfection.
  • To combat subversion and all un-American groups and activities which have as their aim the downfall of democracy in America.

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