National Security Program

Our common bond as Legionnaires is honorable service in the U.S. military.  We trained as warriors first, then as specialists in whatever field we chose or were assigned. We learned the value of teamwork, discipline and readiness. We helped each other overcome obstacles and worked hard to make our units, companies, ships and squadrons the best they could be.  We also learned how to survive. We acquired skills in first aid, self-defense and field survival before going where we were ordered, serving proudly and returning home.

Today, we are still serving America by assisting our fellow veterans, their families and our communities through the programs of The American Legion.  In an uncertain world where a natural disaster or terrorist attack could occur at any time, Legionnaires should be eager to volunteer their military skills and knowledge to prepare their communities for possible devastation.

As veterans, Legionnaires understand the value of readiness.  In every town and city, American Legion posts should be seen as pools of leadership, expertise and resources.

Any applications/forms for this program can be found on the forms page.

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National/Homeland Security Committee
 Carl Curtis
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