The American Legion a network of friends and comrades that care for each other and respond when a need is known for a fellow Legionnaire, veteran, and comrade. The Family Support Network is that same concept.

The name of The Family Support Network and development of the concept came during the early days of Desert Shield and later Desert Storm and the Persian Gulf War. The Reserves and National Guard units activated were ready for the military mission before them but the military was not effectively prepared to deal with or support the thousands of families left behind during the mobilization. As a result, the families of these men and women found themselves unable to meet normal monthly expenses and assistance was needed for a variety of everyday chores. These tasks included grocery shopping, childcare, mowing the grass, fixing the family car, and a multitude of routine household jobs.

To address these needs, The American Legion implemented a 24-hour nationwide toll-free telephone number, 1-800-504-4098, for service personnel and their family members to call for assistance. Or you can call Department Headquarters at 717-730-9100.

The local Post contacts the individual in need to see if assistance can be provided locally. Since the inception of the Family Support Network, thousands of Posts have responded to meet the needs of these families.

Today, the National Guard and Reserve Units are being activated in record numbers to support Operation Enduring Freedom and mobilization to the Persian Gulf Region. Once again, The American Legion stands ready to support our men and women in uniform and their families with the Family Support Network.

As the nation’s largest veteran’s organization, our commitment to our men and women in uniform and their families never wavers. Together, we must act to ensure that no family endures hardships caused by military service alone. By doing so, we ensure that The American Legion is “Still Serving America.”

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