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Legion Baseball

American Legion Baseball Started in 1925

Each year nearly 100,000 young men participate in American Legion Baseball, the nation’s oldest, and most-respected nationwide baseball program. Through American Legion Post sponsorship in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, these young men learn practical lessons in sportsmanship and citizenship. the tremendous success and longevity of American Legion Baseball would not be possible without the support of hard working American Legion members in your local communities.

Many present and former Major League Baseball players were members of American Legion Baseball clubs as teenagers. Did you know Bob Gibson, Johnny Bench, Gaylord Perry and Mark McGwire all started their organized baseball careers as members of American Legion ball clubs? When Hall of Famer Stan “the Man” Musial was asked about his American Legion Baseball playing memories, he said, “I was proud to wear the American Legion uniform because it was the first uniform I had. American Legion has supported baseball many years and they have an outstanding program for our young players.”

For additional information contact Department Headquarters at 717-730-9100

Legion Baseball Forms

The following four files are fill-able forms.  Open the form, click to the right of team name, complete the information and then tab between each fill-able section of the form.  After the forms are completed, click the print button to print the form and mail in.

Booster Forms for Posts 2015

Youth Registration Form and Roster fillable 2015

Youth Entry Ins fillable 2015 updated 12/11

Youth Player Indemnification Agreement fillable 2015

Prep Registration Form and Roster fillable 2015

Prep Entry Ins Form fillable 2015 updated 12/9

Prep Player Indemnification Agreement fillable 2015

Sandlot Registration Form and Roster fillable 2015

Sandlot Entry Ins fillable 2015 updated 12/9

Sandlot Player Indemnification Agreement fillable 2015

National Player Agreement #2 2015

Other forms

New Umpire Registration 2015

Umpire Renewal Form 2015

Umpire Caps Form 2015

Sr. Rule Book 2015

Youth Prep Sandlot Rule Book 2015

Pennsylvania YOUTH Franchise Form 2012

Senior Baseball Franchise Form

Dual Participation 2014

Baseball 76 2015

Suggested Rule Change

Hall of Fame Form

Supply List

New Player Listing

Travel Form

2015 Dates 2015

Background Check fillable 2015 updated a second time on 2/17/15

Background affirmation statement