September 23, 2021

Calendar of Activities


July: Squadrons could cooperate with the sponsoring post in observance of Independence Day, July 4.

August: SAL members participating in the Ten Ideals Program may wish to show their proficiency in portions of the ideals of health and training. Installation of squadron officers often takes place during August.

September: As a new school year is under way, this is a good time to focus on careers. Guest speakers may be invited to visit the squadron meetings to discuss various careers in which SAL members may be interested.

October: Squadrons could participate in Halloween safety events. Posts and squadrons can conduct safety events and provide tips to children in the community.

November: Squadrons could observe Veterans Day with appropriate ceremonies and through participation in events planned by the sponsoring post. Squadrons may participate in the annual observance of American Education Week.

December: The squadron can assist its sponsoring post in the distribution of Christmas baskets to needy families, helping in seasonal charity fundraising drives and other goodwill activities.

January: A formal initiation event could be planned during January. Appropriate entertainment and short speeches should precede the ritual. Invite public officials, local civic leaders, American Legion dignitaries and members of the sponsoring post to attend. Study emphasis during the month should be devoted to Citizenship as required for Point 2 of the Five Point Program.

February: With the observance of the birthdays of Presidents Washington and Lincoln this month, it is an appropriate time for a study of
patriotism and discipline in the Ten Ideals and Five Point Programs.

March: The American Legion’s birthday is in March, making this an appropriate time to study the organization and its history, as well as the Preamble of the SAL Constitution.

April: This is a good time to emphasize leadership as required for Point 4 of the Five Point Program of Service. Also, those SAL members participating in the Ten Ideals Program should be using this time toward the successful completion of the ideals of courtesy and reverence.

May: The squadron could be an active participant in its sponsoring post’s Memorial Day ceremonies. Study emphasis should be given to patriotism in the Ten Ideals and Five Point Programs, citizenship in the Ten Ideals Program, and citizenship and leadership in the Five Point Program of Service.

June: June 14 is Flag Day. The squadron could assist its sponsoring post in the promotion of flag display in the community.
Plans should be made for a special Awards Night for presentation of the Ten Ideals and Five Star Awards that have been earned during the year.

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