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A letter from the National Commander

Dear Legion Family Members and Friends, Throughout the year, we reflect back to the brothers and sisters we have lost while they served our nation in uniform. For many of us, especially at this time of the year, the memories come flooding back. Perhaps our thoughts turn to a buddy with whom we served. Or a parent we only saw in photographs. For the Post-9/11 generation, Memorial Day may represent a... 
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Activities Committee meeting

ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Chairman Victor Straub The Activities Program recorded another great year in The American Legion Baseball Program in 2014 fielding some 530 teams across the state of Pennsylvania. The teams consisted of 299 Senior Teams (16-19 yr. olds), 159 Junior (Youth) Teams (13-15 yr. olds), 54 PREP Development teams (12-13 yr. olds) and 18 Sandlot Teams (14 yr. olds) our newest program. This... 
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Legion Riders Committee

American Legion Riders Committee Chairman Bill Carr Accomplishments of the American Legion Riders Membership is at 3,084 as of the last report dated 3/27/15. This put us at 36% of our membership goal. On September 19, 2014 at the DEC in Grantville, a Resolution was passed to form a committee to restructure the current Regions to better represent the membership. The committee was decided at the Riders... 
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Keystone Boys State for the Legion Family

KEYSTONE BOYS STATE Greetings Legion Family, KBS week is approaching with your staff working diligently to ensure another successful year. The coordination is phenomenal within all aspects of our organization. E-mails are unceasing from Chair, Director, Mentors, counselors and prior KBS Citizens. I am overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and dedication to this great program. Adjutant Kit Watson and I visited... 
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